Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire

edward gibbon

Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is one of the greatest works of historical nonfiction ever written. In commanding prose and with an absolute command of the facts and social currents that swept over and through the Roman Empire, Gibbon charts the gradual, and then ever-accelerating collapse of the Roman Empire, from its first crises, to the Fall of Rome and the establishment of barbarian kingdoms upon the ruins of the Empire.

Over two hundred years after its initial publication, the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire remains an authoritative work on the subject and a rich mine of facts and information about the Empire and the Emperors who ruled it, from the remarkable leaders such as Constantine and Augustus to the craven depravity of men such as Elagabalus and Nero, who hastened its end.

We are proud to present the complete six volume edition of this work as part of our collection of resources about the empire of Rome.

decline and fall of the roman empire

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