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The gods have heard, the gods have heard my prayer;

Yes, Lyce! you are growing old, and still

You struggle to look fair; You drink, and dance, and trill

Your songs to youthful Love, in accents weak

With wine, and age, and passion. Youthful Love!

He dwells in Chia's cheek, And hears her harp-strings move.

Rude boy, he flies like lightning o'er the heath

Past wither'd trees like you; you're wrinkled now;

The white has left your teeth And settled on your brow.

Your Coan silks, your jewels bright as stars,

Ah no! they bring not back the days of old,

In public calendars
By flying Time enroll'd.

Where now that beauty? where those movements? where

That colour? what of her, of her is left,

Who, breathing Love's own air, Me of myself bereft,

Who reign'd in Cinara's stead, a fair, fair face,

Queen of sweet arts? but Fate to Cinara gave

life of little space;
And now she cheats the grave

Of Lyce, spared to raven's length of days,

That youth may see, with laughter and disgust,

fire-brand, once ablaze, Now smouldering in grey dust.

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