Odes by Horace

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While I had power to bless you,

Nor any round that neck his arms did fling

More privileged to caress you,

Happier was Horace than the Persian king.

LYDIA. While you for none were pining Sorer, nor Lydia after Chloe came,

Lydia, her peers outshining,

Might match her own with Ilia's Roman fame.

  1. Now Chloe is my treasure, Whose voice, whose touch, can make sweet music flow: For her I'd die with pleasure,

Would Fate but spare the dear survivor so.

  1. I love my own fond lover, Young Calais, son of Thurian Ornytus: For him I'd die twice over,

Would Fate but spare the sweet survivor thus.

  1. What now, if Love returning Should pair us 'neath his brazen yoke once more, And, bright-hair'd Chloe spurning,

Horace to off-cast Lydia ope his door?

  1. Though he is fairer, milder, Than starlight, you lighter than bark of tree, Than stormy Hadria wilder,

With yon to live, to die, were bliss for me.

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