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What, fight with cups that should give joy? 'Tis barbarous; leave such savage ways To Thracians. Bacchus, shamefaced boy,

Is blushing at your bloody frays.

The Median sabre! lights and wine!

Was stranger contrast ever seen?

Cease, cease this brawling, comrades mine,

And still upon your elbows lean.

Well, shall I take a toper's part

Of fierce Falernian? let our guest,

Megilla's brother, say what dart

Gave the death-wound that makes him blest.

He hesitates? no other hire

Shall tempt my sober brains. Whate'er

The goddess tames you, no base fire

She kindles; 'tis some gentle fair

Allures you still. Come, tell me truth,

And trust my honour.--That the name?

That wild Charybdis yours? Poor youth!

O, you deserved a better flame!

What wizard, what Thessalian spell,

What god can save you, hamper'd thus?

To cope with this Chimaera fell

Would task another Pegasus.

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