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[56] A.U.C. 705.

  1. Eiper gar adikein chrae, tyrannidos peri Kalliston adikein talla de eusebein chreon.

--Eurip. Phoeniss. Act II, where Eteocles aspires to become the tyrant of Thebes.

  1. Now the Pisatello; near Rimini. There was a very ancient law of the republic, forbidding any general, returning from the wars, to cross the Rubicon with his troops under arms.

  2. The ring was worn on the finger next to the little finger of the left hand.

  3. Suetonius here accounts for the mistake of the soldiers with great probability. The class to which they imagined they were to be promoted, was that of the equites, or knights, who wore a gold ring, and were possessed of property to the amount stated in the text. Great as was the liberality of Caesar to his legions, the performance of this imaginary promise was beyond all reasonable expectation.

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